Personal Narrative Essay – The Format

Personal Narrative Essay

Personal Narrative Essay

The personal narrative essay is basically a writer’s personal story. In this particular type of essay, a writer relates his/her experiences in the hope of captivating the reader’s attention and probably teach a few lessons or help the reader gain a little insight based on another person’s story. As with some plays or movies that have narrators who relate a story, describes particular actions and explains the emotions and feelings that characters go through in a story, so too does a writer of this type of essay aim to do. He/she is the narrator of his own story containing events that are based on personal experiences.


A personal narrative essay can be boring for a reader unless he is able to feel like he is caught in the written experience and understands the significance of the story. Because a personal narrative essay is non-fictional and is the writer’s own story, the writing is generally done in the first person. This means that the words “I,” “Me,” and “Mine” should be scattered around the essay. From a student’s standpoint, writing this type of essay is able to better prepare him for writing other types of essays effectively. For others, it is a means to recount personal details of one’s life and share it with others, who may relate to the experience as well, and probably be able to make use of what has been read, as well as the lessons learned to apply to his/her own life.


The format of a personal narrative essay is as follows:


  • Introduction. Should start with something that can immediately grab the attention and interest of the reader.
  • Body. Every paragraph ideally starts with the topic sentence. Sentences start with transition that illustrates the particular order wherein the events have occurred followed by the story’s details.
  • Conclusion. Just like the introduction, the conclusion must be interesting. This will be the reader’s last impression of the story. Start it off with reiterating on the significance of the essay, being careful not to utilize the same wordings as those in the introduction. The conclusion will also cover the summary of the story’s events. The writer must be able to impart on the bigger picture and the significance of the story related, basically allowing the reader to understand what the point of the narrative was about.



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